5 mins read

Reflections 2.0

Like many years ago, I suddenly have an urge to clear my mind and get things in order, so here are a few reflections from the past few months that…..

2 mins read

Musings 2

You know you’ve been around for a while when you have different chapters to tell tales from. At BYLC, there’s been a Granny, a ‘Dad, a kid (or two), a…..

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Ejaj Ahmad at TEDxDhaka 2012

If you were one of those who were at the Senate Bhaban for TEDxDhaka 2012, you’ll know what I mean when I say E.A’s talk was awe-inspiring. The event was…..

4 mins read

Tensed? What for?

A few months ago, I started taking admission tests in different universities after my HSC exams were over. The first one that I faced was the one for the business…..

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Harsh Reality

2011-12-15 Team Spondon gathered near Sajeda Foundation at 3 p.m. We prepared our survey design the night before and were ready to interview several candidates ranged between the ages 12…..